Sunday, June 19, 2011

June 19th,2011! Happy Father's Day! I had a wonderful day yesterday night, headed to Caesars, Altantic City and watched a concert!Yeah! it was so much fun! but it took us(My sister and I) 5 hours to get there.. While it normally takes 2-3 hours to get there from NY. ...

So We arrive there just in time before the concert starts! The band is called F.I.R., Taiwanese pop rock band. They were an amazing band! I really enjoyed it! After the concert, headed back to our hotel to sleep!..since the next day is Father's day, we had to wake up early and start driving again at 12....sadly we were back at 6...
Don't you just hate it when there's traffic?!!

So here some pictures of my outfits! I hope you guys like it!:)

Dress and Belt: Vintages
Wedges: Jeffrey Campbell


  1. This romantic dress looks so nice with your wedges!

  2. this outfit rocks! i especially adore those shoes. thanks for visiting and commenting on my blog, i'd love to follow each other!

    amy leah
    the coquetiquette

  3. I'm loving your red shoes...too pretty xoxx

  4. The shoes is to die for!!!!!

  5. You are gorgeous! And the simplicity of this outfit is so perfect. I'm lovin' the punch of the red shoes. :)

  6. You have such a pretty blog! I love those red shoes!!

    Im your newest follower, hope youll want to follow me too : )


  7. i love this outfit! i hyped it on lookbook by the way!

    i am following you now :) follow me too?


  8. Love your outfit and the red wedge. :)


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